Wow. It's been virtually a year since my last post relating to film. Time flies faster than you ever think and here I am getting around to this again finally..

I've written before about how awesome digital is (seriously, very very) and yet, how I've found a return to shooting film as well to be immensely pleasing. This was covered in a previous post so I won't re-hash those words here. Suffice it to say I love it. It is such a different experience, and yields such different results that I have become quietly hooked again.

It is a MUCH slower process, particularly in the context of how my life tends to work. This is fine. It's part of what I enjoy about it, but it does mean that these posts are liable to come somewhat fewer and further between than they might. To begin with I typically shoot far more sparingly, for obvious reasons. Then there are the subsequent stages of developing and scanning, both of which may not happen immediately. Therefore it is often many weeks between loading a roll into a camera (aaah, the cameras.. That might be a subject for future posts...), and seeing the results. At this moment I have one roll developed and waiting to be scanned, one roll part-shot in one camera and another loaded, but not yet begun in another. At the time of writing, all film and cameras are of the 35mm variety. Medium format can be utterly beautiful but I am finding the size, portability and number of shots per roll of 35mm just too convenient to put down.

Due to these factors, the frames I am sharing here are not as recent as they might be. They are mostly from recent trips to Bangkok, with a few from France thrown in for good measure. Some colour, some black and white, from a variety of different films. I am developing black and white myself, but sending colour stuff to a lab. All scanning done here in the studio.

Two galleries. One colour, one B&W. See what you think..