I've just returned from a fleeting visit to Spain. Or more specifically, Catalunya. A region in the far north-east of the country just south of the Pyrenees. 

The main premise for the trip was to spend time with some dear friends who were getting married after many a year of cohabitation and making babies. Also to act as an official witness. I was there for a mere two days but it's amazing how much you can squeeze in when you know time is at a premium.

There are certain parts of the Spanish coast which, frankly, leave me slightly ashamed of being English. You probably know what I'm talking about. Nuff said. Catalunya is different. It is a special place. It has been attracting artists for a long time due to the nature of the landscape and the particular quality of light. Salvador Dalí lived and worked there, and many others such as Picasso, Tàpies and Miró to name but a few spent considerable time working in the area.

Having seen it first hand I can say there is something about the light. It's subtle; it doesn't smack you in the face, but it's as though there is a clarity to the air which allows the sun to penetrate deeply whatever it shines on, rendering colours more vividly and with more contrast than I am used to seeing. I'm sure there are other places in the world where this is also the case, but perhaps not many so close to home and it was a treat for me.

I photographed many different things, but for a while I got caught up in simply looking for Light and Shadow. Contrast. Silhouette. Detail. 

There may be future posts from this trip. But for now this. Just this. Enjoy.



This will be a platform for sharing from my life in general. It is a repository for my personal work, projects, thoughts, feelings, experiences, vignettes, stories etc.. 

Deciding what content to include on a photography website is no easy task. It is the 'face' of your business, and as such ought to be curated with care. But unless you're a photographer who really only specialises in one type of work, it can be difficult to know where to draw your lines. What to show, what not to show. How to present things in a way which will provide clarity and ensure your prospective clients understand what you have to offer and what you don't. To this end, with the other pages here I have tried show a clear cross section of the kind of work I am currently producing and able to offer across various commissioned environments. This is work. This is business. This is bread and butter. I care about any and all images I put my name to. Ask anyone who knows me well and they will testify to the fact that I am an incorrigible perfectionist. It's one of my greatest strengths/weaknesses. But...

That is really only a part of who I am as a person and a photographer.

My personal work can take many other random forms. I am interested in creating imagery out of anything. I take pleasure in seeking joy and beauty in the mundane, the everyday details of life we see all around us at all times, making a pleasing photograph out of ordinary subject matter. 

....Watch this space for further posts and all things personal from the world outside the box.